Discover the chic and joyful world of Royalties: socks, recycled wool hats and beautiful patchwork cushions with the key words: creativity, responsibility and quality!

Fan of beautiful play on stitches, texture and artisanal know-how, come and discover our socks , our recycled wool hats and our patchwork cushions .

At Royalties, we are in love with work well done and the creative richness that knitwear offers. We love traditional craftsmanship and its heritage . Designing models from iconic stitches using our own stitch set assemblages allows us to offer you socks as carefully designed as your favorite sweaters .

And it’s a satisfaction every day.

We select recycled cotton , organic cotton and recycled wool yarns whenever we can. We obtain our supplies from French and Italian spinning mills. One recycles sweaters sorted by color to make yarn that we then use to knit our socks. It’s really upcycling ! The other offers ultra-soft recycled cotton yarns with beautiful finishes. It’s very gratifying to be able to create something Beautiful and Responsible .

We are following the same approach with the creation of limited series cushions knitted from our old stocks of yarn , in order to avoid wasting raw materials . Our patchwork cushions are made in Paris from our collection samples or our prototypes. These are unique pieces and a second life for our socks.