At Royalties we are aware of the recycling of threads and keen to promote all anti-waste and transformation initiatives linked to the protection of resources .

This is why we are always on the lookout for recycled yarns.

We have been working for several years with French and Italian spinners who design blends of recycled cotton and/or recycled polyester, organic cotton and recycled wool .

For our sock collections, we have chosen two types of yarn for their great softness and of course their eco-responsibility . Recycled cotton and wool are not synonymous with roughness or rusticity.

Our socks made from recycled yarns are soft , very comfortable and knitted in wide ribs. They are mid-thick , have a “ casual ” style, ideal with derbies or sneakers. And above all, they are made to last.

With the quality of recycled wool that we have selected, we have also developed French-made hats , knitted in a workshop specializing in knitwear for several generations. Our mid-thick ribbed socks are made in the south of France .

Why choose recycled wool?
At Royalties, we want to align our ideas with our actions. Recycling raw materials , especially when they are noble,
like wool , is part of a virtuous circle which limits the waste of resources. The desire to transform , to give a second life and a new use to this natural material led us to the choice of recycled wool .

How is wool recycled?
We work with a spinning mill in the south of France . The recycled wool yarn comes from a process resulting from upcycling . Old wool sweaters are collected and sorted by color, which gives them that mottled look. Then they are defibrated, the wool is treated then reassembled into spools in the spinning mill's warehouses. It is from these spools of thread that we knit our socks .

How do I care for my socks?
For your socks , as for your hat , we advise you to wash at 30° maximum and on the wool program. With each wash, your socks will come out softer and more supple. Indeed, wool is a natural fiber and recycled wool softens , while retaining its hold, over time.
On the other hand, never put your socks in the dryer because this weakens them and damages them.