A touch of color at your feet : bright, subtle or heathered: Choose you favorite amongst these plain socks and pick up the right summer pair.

Women's socks with "Sport" stripes for a casual look, some sequins for a touch of glamor but also pretty ribbing with a college spirit, come to Royalties to discover the sock as a fashion accessory. It's a little " je ne sais quoi” which makes all the difference, an experience of “luxury for oneself” which translates firstly into comfort and is extended by our “house” style and know-how. At Royalties, we are convinced that the sock has a special place in women's wardrobe: it is an accessory linked to intimacy, cocooning, well-being. But outdoors, quality women's sock can twist a look , by moccasins, pumps, Birkenstocks or sneakers, we all have a favorite pair of socks, in which we feel so good. Discover through our ranges, our glittery, plain or patterned socks , our games of Heritage points , our stripes, our tartans and many other treasures to accompany you step by step, on a daily basis, and whatever your desires.

Which socks to choose?

- For a socks-moccasins combo: Chic in Aran -

- For a socks-pumps combo: Glam in plains -

- For a socks-Birkenstock combo: Cool in Sara -

- For a socks-sneakers combo: Street en Pauline

Don't hesitate to offer or treat yourself to Royalties, it's always a perfect gift , an easy gift: for the hostess of a dinner, for the end of year celebrations, or simply for pleasure. Don't forget that Royalties is also a virtuous circle: We work with workshops in France, select our yarns in Europe: Italy, France and Portugal and limit our carbon footprint as best as we can (short circuit, partners local).We are also concerned with yarn recycling and offer women's socks in recycled cotton and recycled wool. Always very chic, unique and stylish. With the simple ambition of covering you in beauty right down to the tips of your toes.